❤️ ABS is one of the five Certified Kubernetes Service Providers in India ❤️

No more wrestling with the complexities of managing your Kubernetes clusters.

Expert-Managed Kubernetes Service, your gateway to a future where seasoned professionals handle the intricacies of Kubernetes, allowing your team to focus on innovation and growth. Trust in our experienced hands for a secure, high-performance solution.

KCSP Certificated

ABS is a proud member of the CNCF and a Certified Kubernetes Service Provider. Our customers can leverage our Certified Kubernetes distribution and work hand-in-hand with our team of Certified Kubernetes Admins (CKAs).

How Kubernetes Services Transform Your Infrastructure

Our team of Kubernetes experts is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of container management, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Accelerate your application deployment process with the efficient container orchestration and management capabilities provided by professional Kubernetes services.

Managed Kubernetes as a Service

Unlock the potential of collaborative development with professional Kubernetes services, empowering your teams to work together seamlessly.

Extensive Ecosystem Integration

Our team facilitates seamless integration with a wide array of tools and plugins for monitoring, logging, and CI/CD, ensuring your Kubernetes environment functions at its best.

Application Flexibility
Kubernetes abstracts infrastructure, allowing our experts to facilitate smooth application portability across cloud providers or on-premises setups, ensuring vendor-agnostic adaptability.
Intuitive Dashboards

User-friendly, intuitive dashboards provide complete visibility and management of your Kubernetes clusters under the vigilant eyes of our expert team.


Expert Kubernetes Administrators

Our commitment to your Kubernetes journey extends far beyond project completion. Our comprehensive documentation serves as your invaluable reference guide, ensuring smooth operations and hassle-free troubleshooting.

Our professional training programs keep your team in the loop with the latest industry best practices and trends, providing the skills and confidence to maintain and adapt your Kubernetes environment effectively. With our ongoing post-deployment support, you’re equipped for sustained excellence in the ever-evolving world of container orchestration. We’re here to help you keep the momentum going!

Swiss army knife of Kubernetes Specialists.

Containerize apps, write manifests, and deploy on Kubernetes.

Design and optimize cluster infrastructure in the cloud.

Secure clusters, configure policies, and monitor for vulnerabilities.

Manage clusters, monitor health, and resolve issues.

Ensure cluster reliability, automate scaling and recovery.

Automate deployment and collaborate for efficient delivery.

Manage Kubernetes network configuration and communication.

Experts in container tech, runtime, and orchestration.

We believe in three things, FOCUS, COMMITMENT and SHEER-WILL. Throw at us a problem, you will never let us go.

Their ability to take on problems with impossible deadlines, stick with it and deliver it has never changed.

– Founder & CEO of a software vendor for Multinational Banks

Magic Behind Our Process


Agile allows us to adapt quickly to changing project requirements.


Encourages close collab among team members and stakeholders.


Encourages close collab among team members and stakeholders.


Encourages close collab among team members and stakeholders.


Regular feedback loops help improve the product continuously


Provides visibility to the project's progress & potential challenges.

Risk management

Agile methods help identify & address risks early in the process.


Enables adjustments & refinements based on real-time insights data.

Managed Teams on Demand

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